End of the Road ... or is it?

The sign at the end of this road indicates just that ... the end of the road. But if you get out of your car or off your bike, you can continue on. All you need do is find and then head down the hidden path to the right, hop into a boat tied to the dock and off you go ... though I've never seen a boat tied to the dock. But theoretically, you could head to Ireland if you were so inclined.

Wouldn't it be nice if life threw up "end of the road" signs to let us know we were heading down the wrong path. But maybe we'd just feel trapped like rats in a maze.

But we are not rats; so here we are at the end of the Wolfe Gut road with the sea and the far islands luring us to explore to the horizon and beyond.

»» Road sign, Wolfe Gut road, Bell's Island, NS.

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